Transform your home into a sanctuary with our exquisite scented candles. Inspired by your favorite fragrances to create a cozy atmosphere.

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Scented Candle - Enchant your space with our selection of Limited Edition candles.

Transform your home into a soothing oasis and live a magical experience with our luxurious Scented Candle. Carefully crafted with vegetable wax, this Scented Candle will light up your interiors while uplifting or relaxing your mood: just choose your favorite fragrance, light up the Scented Candle and let it work its magic. Enjoy the art of living by Sabon thanks to the luxurious design and decorative glass jar. Ideal to offer or to enjoy yourself to enchant and bring a spark of wonder to your special moments.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do scented candles do?

    Scented candles provide ambiance and fragrance to a space.

  • Do scented candles reduce stress?

    Scented candles can help create a calming environment, reducing stress.

  • Are scented candles vegan?

    Not all scented candles are vegan, but SABON scented candles are all vegan-friendly.

  • Do scented candles help with your mood?

    Scented candles can enhance mood through aromatherapy and pleasant scents.