Aroma Reed Diffuser



  • Cherry Blossom & Pear

  • Citrus Blossom & Bergamot

  • Gentleman Patchouli Citrus

  • Ginger Orange & Fizzy Lime

  • Green Rose & White Magnolia

  • Jasmine & Blue Hyacinth

  • Lavender Apple & Anise Blossom

  • Mango Kiwi & Passion Fruit

  • Patchouli Lavender Vanilla

  • Rose Tea & Violet

  • Musk & Peony

  • White Tea & Osmanthus

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    Inspired by the freshness of cherry blossom and accentuated with delicate white tea leaves, this delicious fragrance infuses any indoor space with renewed joy. By orienting the fragrance towards timeless cherry blossom and the clean minimalism of white tea, the scent celebrates floral sophistication alongside aqueous rose and fruity pear.

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