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    The SABON Enchanted Garden

    Which fragrances will enliven your mind and body today?

    Dive into our Enchanted Garden of Scents and discover which fragrances best fit your personality. From zesty citrus notes to mediterranean flavors, SABON's collections of scents will make your heart travel and enlighten your day for countless moments of joy, self-care and relaxation.

    The Citrus Scents

    Inspired by citrus fruits, with oils extracted from their peels. Used to create vivid, naturalistic representations of fruit. Inspired by bergamot and lime. Brings bursts of freshness and is typically used as top notes, creating vibrancy and impact on the first spray. Reminiscent of a summer holidays, sunshine, and positivity.

    The Floral Scents

    Easily recognizable, floral contains the widest variety of ingredients most of which are flowers. Bouquets in a bottle. Feminine, romantic, and reminiscent of fresh-cut blooms. Timeless, soft, and versatile enough to be worn by anyone. Floral perfumes are undeniably classic.

    The Fruity Scents

    Fragrances made with delicious notes of fruits and berries. Juicy, sweet and aromas such as peach and apple. Ripe, fresh essences of edible fruity fragrance notes. Think of a scented fruity cocktail that comes across as vibrant and inviting.

    The Mediterranean Scent

    Vanilla, frankincense, cinnamon notes make up the comforting oriental family. Influenced by the exotic East. Indulgent and luxurious. Usually worn as evening fragrance due to it’s long-lasting, dark, and seductive qualities.

    The Musk Scent

    Soft and tender, evoking sweetness, and sensuality.