• Our Unique Story

    Discover SABON

    Chapter 1

    Our Origins

    SABON was born by an oasis.

    SABON’s birthplace is the desert on the shores of the Dead Sea, at the crossroad of civilizations.

    In the midst of this desert’s bare beauty,

    Endless dunes, shades of yellows and browns entwined,

    Sudden bursts of water,

    Spark of blues and greens among rocks and thorns:

    An OASIS.

    A place of welcome;

    A place to visit on a journey and marvel at the world’s beauty;

    A place where paths cross;

    A place where origins and destinations juxtapose, in an eclectic yet harmonious combination.

     A magical place where impossible does not exist, where water imbues life amid a desolate landscape, where rich flora suddenly flourishes in the most unexpected setting.

     It is an invitation to marvel at nature, reconnect with a deep sense of wonder, and see the world’s magic as if for the first time.

     From the magic of the oasis, to the magic of moments;

    Since 1997, SABON has been bringing an emblematic oasis into our lives.

    Chapter 2

    Our Inspiration

    Explore, dream, discover.

     At SABON, whether real or imaginary, everything starts with a journey.

    A desire to explore, dream and discover. 

    Those who made the desert their home were travelers, nomads. They were from various places and cultures.

    Many were merchants, in search of luxury goods and rare objects.

    Just as travel gives us new eyes, it also gives us new tastes, new ways of seeing and doing, a desire for exploration and a fascination for the unexpected.

    Art, handicrafts, beauty secrets from Mediterranean cultures, and nature’s wonders are the source of SABON’s inspirations, with their infinite capacity to ignite our senses and enchant our lives.

    SABON is continuously inspired by nature’s beauty and its innate ability to rejuvenate, calm and inspire.

    Nature is vibrant, colorful and diverse. In nature, nothing is uniform. Perfection is never the rule and yet beauty is everywhere.

    SABON’s inspirations result from the unexpected blend of beauty products, home scents, objects, textures, refined fragrances, and unexpected vessels that contain a spark of wonder, creating holistic multi-sensory experiences that go beyond beauty routines.

    Enter SABON’s universe and you will be invited to experience the wonders around us and open your senses to wondrous beauty moments.

    Chapter 3

    Our Creations

    A joyful symphony of creations.

    Creativity and art are at the heart of SABON.

    At SABON, we meticulously create beauty products and home scents made from precious and natural ingredients, housed in beautifully crafted objects and wrapping.

    At SABON, we create our products and designs from the perspective of curiosity, seeing the world with a fresh outlook, finding wonders in the smallest things.

    SABON’s creations reveal this beauty and transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.

    At SABON, poetry and art offer us a metaphor for creation: for finding the right fragrance, gorgeous textures, atmospheres, vessels and designs. They inspire us to look deeper, not just with our eyes, but with our senses.

    SABON’s creations contain a touch of poetry, a spark of wonder and a taste for discovery weaving pleasure and beauty in the tiniest details.

    They are eclectic and unconventional. From delicate ornaments complementing each fragrance collection, to handwriting fonts and creative patterns, every detail matters.

    SABON always looks for something with a twist, something slightly different, the small detail that reveals a story, the unexpected detail, the imperfection, the star-shaped birthmark.

    At the heart of this is an eclectic universe evoking a cabinet of curiosities, where there are always new surprises to discover and little beauty treasures to delight.

    At SABON, each product is designed as a decorative object.

    Chapter 4

    Our Secret Recipes

    Nature’s wonders as a source.

    SABON is continuously inspired by nature’s beauty and its innate ability to rejuvenate calm, invigorate and inspire.

    We infuse our formula with the most precious natural ingredients and healing minerals from the Dead Sea and we compose our fragrances with the most precious ingredients from fine perfumery to create body rituals, home scents and beauty moments as holistic self-care experiences.

    We meticulously select our natural ingredients to provide beauty benefits and delightful textures: Dead Sea salts, Dead Sea mud, fruit extracts, botanical oils, botanical butters, floral extracts and petals are at the heart of each of our secret recipes.

    They all melt into the skin to maximize the sensations of pleasure and unveil multi-sensory experiences.

    SABON is sensual, enticing, authentic and tactile.

    Each product is a multi-sensory journey.

    From our bath, body care and home scents to the design of our packaging, SABON transforms everyday moments and beauty routines into wondrous experiences.

    Chapter 5

    Wonder is a Gift

    Wonder is a gift.

    Wonder is a feeling of surprise caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar.

    Sharing and giving are among our core values.

    With SABON, we inherited the gifts of joy, beauty and wonder.

    A gift symbolizes affection, gratitude, love and joy. It is all about creating moments of wonder and pleasure.

    And joy multiplies when we share and spread it around us.

    At SABON, we cultivate a taste for the art of gifting.

    From the smallest detail to the most luxurious gift, we carefully wrap our products with silk papers and satin ribbons in exquisite boxes, distinguished by a personal touch.