Air Fresheners

Bring freshness and joy to any space with our iconic air fresheners! Perfect to use in any space.

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Aroma Reed Diffuser

Embracing every element of our lives, our home ambiance sets the tone for an entire lifestyle – warm, refined, and welcoming. At SABON, body care and home care are two aspects of the same holistic experience. Give your home some tender loving SABON care.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a scented ceramic?

    Scented ceramics are decorative items infused with fragrance for a pleasant scent.

  • What air fresheners are vegan?

    SABON air fresheners are vegan, but it may vary by brand.

  • Do air fresheners help your mood?

    Air fresheners can contribute to a positive ambiance and potentially improve mood.

  • When to replace air freshener?

    It's ideal to replace air fresheners when the fragrance diminishes or as per product instructions.