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Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub Guide

Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub Guide

Welcome to SABON, where nature’s most loved ingredients come together creating fragrant, indulgent, and effective skincare products.

Did you know that our name literally means “soap” in the ancient Semitic language? That’s because it was in Tel Aviv that our decades-long story began, where two childhood friends shared a passion for beauty, homecare, and skincare.

We carefully handpick the best, highest-quality, natural ingredients from the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea to formulate our luxurious, indulgent products — like our Dead Sea body scrubs, for example.

Meet Our Luxurious Body Scrub Range

A staple of any skincare regime, SABON’s body scrubs are the perfect marriage of gentle exfoliation and decadent scents.

Golden Delights Mini Body Scrub

Treat your skin to soothing exfoliation with this iconic Body Scrub formulated with Dead Sea salt, four natural oils, and vitamin E. Available in a convenient mini size, it’s ready to come with you wherever life leads.

Lavender Apple Body Scrub

Enjoy the glorious combination of calming lavender and fresh apple, and the healing properties of Dead Sea salt. This scrub can help improve the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, promote healthy circulation, and reveal silky smooth skin.

Mango Kiwi Body Scrub

When zesty meets mellow: our Mango Kiwi Body Scrub energizes and renews your skin while transporting your mind to a peaceful, exotic paradise.

Delicate Jasmine Body Scrub

Subtle jasmine and potent Dead Sea minerals combine in this healing, exfoliating Body Scrub — the perfect companion to your weekly skincare routine. Also available in a travel-ready version, so you never have to go without it.

Patchouli Lavender Vanilla Body Scrub

Our signature ingredient trio is at the core of this iconic Body Scrub, enriched with four natural oils. Its mini version allows you to take this little pot of radiance anywhere you go.

Green Rose Body Scrub

The fresh fragrance of green rose is a wonderful pick-me-up on those dark, winter days. Also available in a convenient travel-size version.

White Tea Body Scrub

A unique blend of Dead Sea salts and four moisturizing, antioxidant-rich botanical oils powers our White Tea Body Scrub. Use to exfoliate effectively while at the same time treating your senses to a calming, serene feeling.

Rose Tea Body Scrub

The evocative, timeless scent of rose tea will invite you to experience profound inner peace, as you gently apply this Body Scrub in mindful, circular motions to reveal soothed, velvety skin.

Ginger Orange Body Scrub

Invigorating, summery, and refreshing, this Body Scrub will take you straight to the warm beaches of Sicily while promoting glowing, renewed, and silky-smooth skin.

Discover Our Ingredients

At SABON, we meticulously select and source our ingredients to ensure that every one of our formulations is as effective as it is beautifully scented.

The hero of our Body Scrub range is, without any doubts, Dead Sea salt. This potent, ancient ingredient has been used in skincare regimes since the dawn of time. From fighting skin inflammation to enhancing blood flow and cell renewal, Dead Sea salt has long been hailed as one of Nature’s most powerful ingredients.

A body scrub massage using a Dead Sea salt body scrub, for example, is a luxurious, indulgent way to treat yourself to a moment of “me time” that will invigorate, renew, and refresh both your body and your mind.

To offer you the signature SABON experience, we have enriched each one of our Body Scrubs with an array of all-natural fragrances that will accompany you on a pleasant sensory journey.

From citrusy and zesty ingredients like orange, ginger, kiwi, and green rose, to subtler, more delicate ones, such as lavender, rose tea, and jasmine, every SABON Body Scrub opens the doors to a new sensory-rich world, ready to be explored and enjoyed.

Velvety Skin and Sensory Pleasure: Discover SABON’s Body Scrubs

Explore our vast range of Body Scrubs, and experiment with different blends and scents to enjoy the full benefits of a natural body scrub.

Shop our products here.

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