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Fabric Mist




  • Sakura Bloom

  • Jasmine & Ylang Ylang

  • Lavender & Sage

  • Linen & White Peony

  • Patchouli Citrus

  • White Tea & Bergamot

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Experience a delightful aroma of renewal for your home with SABON's Sakura Bloom Fabric Mist. This multipurpose formula is safe to use on clothing, furniture, linens, drapes, mattresses, and closets. Plus, the elegant glass bottle makes it a beautiful home decor item.  Tap here to discover the fragrance!

Reasons to Love

A safe formula that will not damage fabric

Improves absorption of bad smells

Refreshes and leaves a long-lasting, delicate scent

Ideal for clothes, furniture, linens, drapes, mattresses and closets

Nature-inspired fragrances

SABON's iconic scents

The art of living by SABON

How To Use

Can be sprayed on most surfaces: clothes, furniture, linens, drapes, mattresses and closets. Shake the bottle before each use.

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