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    Reconnect with Nature

    Nature has always been, and will always be an integral part of our product identity.

    We Believe...

    ...that when we marvel at Nature’s wonders, it fills us with joy and fosters our desire to protect it. This belief is the foundation of our brand and is woven into SABON from its birth. Today, it also serves as the philosophy and authentic anchor to guide our sustainability and corporate social responsibility path. 


    We believe in the infinite power of Nature to spark joy & enchant life

    ●      We believe that recipes that harness Nature’s best have the power to rejuvenate body and soul

    ●      We believe in reinventing new lives for our products, re-enchanting and repurposing with joy

    ●      We believe Nature is a boundless source of joy, and aim at distilling Nature to every community we touch

    “There is no greater wonder than the wonders of Nature. In everything we do, we strive to bring and reveal Nature’s wonders to infuse your life, and all our communities’ lives, with joy.”

    ̶ Joffrey Chartier, CEO of SABON

    Our Natural Recipes

    Our artisanal origins have led us to craft each of our formulations as multi-sensorial experiences. Nature’s gifts flow in our unique blends, timeless fragrances. Our natural formulas are layered elixirs to transport you back to Nature, rejuvenate your body and soul, enhance joy in and around you.

    Inspired by apothecaries, and perfumers of old time, with a spirit of eclecticism and creativity, SABON prioritizes the use of quality natural ingredients when making unexpected blends, combining Dead Sea minerals, wonderful scents, and precious botanical ingredients.

    Deep consideration of ingredients is both at the heart of our brand, and our sustainability commitments. This is underpinned by our constant quest for innovation as we work towards refining our recipes to the most essential ingredients.

    Each ingredient is carefully sourced and selected. SABON adheres to the EU safety regulation which is the strictest regulation in the world. We ban hundreds of ingredients from our formulation - such as parabens or phthalates – and regularly update this list.

    We proudly commit to:

    • Promote transparency and honesty to first touch people’s heart by refusing over-promising claims and overbidding scientific performance
    • Ensure that all our recipes are made of 80% natural ingredients
    • Use botanicals sourced around the Mediterranean combined with the healing benefits of Dead Sea Minerals

    And this is just the beginning of our journey towards even more natural recipes:

    • By the end of 2022, launch of a face-care line organic certified.
    • By the end of 2025, most our products will be of >90% natural origin and vegan.
    • By the end of 2025, we will include innovative waterless products in our portfolio

    Re-Use & Re-Love,

    Re-Enchanting Objects, Join Our Art Of Living

    Inspired by Nature’s endless cycle, re-enchanting objects can be done in infinite ways. We are working on various initiatives that use our responsible designs as ways for our communities to express both their creativity and environmental awareness.

    We hope to inspire a new art of living, in which reinventing new lives for products is a joyful, wonderful experience. And we take great pride in weaving sustainability with joy.

    Already we see our containers being used as new objects of desire and decoration. Filled with fresh flowers as an impromptu vase. Re-used as a candle holder.


    We invite you to join in!  Imagine your soap glass bottles as plant pots for cascading ivy and glossy roses, your gift boxes as vases for brightly colored wildflowers… re-enchanting objects can be done in infinite ways.