The Ultimate Scents for Summer

Just like our clothes, our fragrance wardrobe can be switched up to reflect the season. 

It’s time to put those velvety, musky perfumes back into the closet ready for the fall, and swap them for much lighter and more playful ones. This summer, we are all about scents that come straight from nature: pear, orange, and citrus blossom.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of these ingredients and how to incorporate them into your skincare routines — or even use them to create a calming, blissful ambiance in your home.

Brighter Scents for Summer

As we welcome longer days and brighter nights, switch your scents to perfectly capture your most memorable summer moments ­– from salty beach days and tropical cocktails to fresh laundry on a summer’s day.  

Light, airy, fresh, and crisp: these are the scents that we are coveting this summer.

Wild Pear

This delicious fruit is not only great as a healthy, nutritious alternative to those sugar-packed snacks – it’s also a wonderful ally to achieving smooth, radiant skin. Wild pear’s natural anti-irritant properties, in fact, help protect your skin’s barrier while at the same time delivering intense hydration.

Sabon’s Wild Pear Body Ritual Kit, for example, features a pear body lotion that beautifully combines green pear, lemon, and bergamot with warmer notes of musk and freesia, to reveal skin that is not only silky and glowing but also delicately perfumed.

If you want to enjoy the sweet, floral smell of wild pear around the home, then nothing works better than Sabon’s Aroma Reed Diffuser. Smelling the scent of wild pear slowly releasing in your bedroom or lounge will bring back memories of a golden childhood and enchanted landscapes where nature and humans live in harmony.

Ginger Orange

Fresh ginger root is plentiful in India and has long been praised for its impressive anti-inflammatory, invigorating, and anti-oxidant properties. At Sabon, we decided to combine this fantastic ingredient with one that is almost synonymous with the mediterraneanorange.

The result? our signature Ginger Orange, an ingredient that enriches many of our best-selling, and most-loved, products across the skin, body, and hair care. Tangy but not overpowering, citrusy but with a distinctive warmth, Ginger Orange is a scent that you don’t want to miss this summer.

Take Sabon’s Body Scrub, for example. This zesty blend of fresh Sicilian orange and cozy notes of ginger is perfect to gently exfoliate the skin while taking your senses on a pleasant, warm, summer journey along the cobbled, colorful streets of Palermo.

Do you want to bring the Mediterranean summer straight into your home? Choose Sabon’s Fruity And Fresh Ambiance Duo. This citrus duo combines lime and Sicilian orange – to invigorate your body and spirit – with the spiciness and warmth of ginger to add a touch of exotic mystery.

Citrus Blossom 

Another scent that is perfect for summer is Citrus Blossom. This is the core ingredient of our Body Scrub, which also features Dead Sea salt for deeper and even more effective exfoliation and the removal of dead skin cells and impurities. 

Complete your summer cleansing routine with one of our best-selling shower oils, a unique formulation that blends deeply hydrating oils with fresh and zesty citrus scents. Thanks to the addition of highly nourishing ingredients such as olive, jojoba oil, and avocado oil, this luxury shower oil both cleanse and moisturizes, transforming your daily shower into a decadent triumph of the senses.

Welcome the Summer with the Best Scents from Nature

The summer calls for brighter, lighter, and fresher scents, found in Mother Nature. At Sabon, we love summer fragrances like Wild Pear, Ginger Orange, and Citrus Blossom, and we have infused them in some of our most popular skincare and home care products.

Which ones will you choose to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the warmer season? Browse our range today, and pick the new, fragrant companions for your exhilarating summer escapades.