Tea in Skin, Body & Hair Care

You may already start your day with a warm cup of green tea, or rely on a mid-morning matcha for a pick-me-up, but if you’re not incorporating tea ingredients into your skin, body, and hair routine, you’re missing a trick. 

Today, we take you through our favorite tea ingredients and why they are so beneficial. Are you ready to take your skin care routine to a whole new level of indulgence and nourishment? Let’s take a look…

Getting to Know our Key Ingredients: White Tea and Rose Tea

When we think of tea ingredients with skin-boosting properties, our mind often goes to green tea extract. Renowned for its anti-aging, soothing, and antioxidant properties, the beauty’s worst-kept secret has grown quickly in popularity over the last decade. 

Lesser known are white tea and rose tea, but they are no less powerful. These potent powerhouse ingredients offer impressive benefits when incorporated into your skin, body, and hair care regimes. 

White tea

Originating from the same plant as black, green, and oolong teas, white tea leaves undergo a different treatment compared to their counterparts. This process involves picking the youngest growth on the tea bush, before the leaves have fully opened, and drying it immediately to halt the oxidization. This allows it to retain the largest amount of antioxidants. 

Rose tea

Best known as a caffeine-free tisane, rose tea is often used as an infusion in many sleepy teas, together with ingredients such as lavender and chamomile.

What are the Benefits of Tea in Skin and Hair Care Products?

Now don’t worry - you don’t need to drink copious cups of tea to take advantage of the wonderful benefits of white and rose tea leaves. By incorporating these ingredients into your skin, hair, and nail routines, you can up your beauty game significantly.

Some of these extraordinary benefits that you can expect include:

  • Anti-aging properties

It’s been suggested that white tea extract holds anti-aging properties. Studies have shown that incorporating the extract into skin care products can protect skin cells from the damage caused by hydrogen peroxide, as well as help eliminate free radicals. This, in turn, means that products containing white tea can reduce signs of skin aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties: 

White tea is packed with antioxidants, meaning that this ingredient also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that help to decrease skin redness and inflammation.

  • Collagen-boosting properties

White tea is also rich in phenols, a protein that is known to help boost the skin’s natural production of collagen, which translates into a firmer, softer, and younger-looking complexion.

  • Hair growth

One of the antioxidants in white tea, epigallocatechin gallate, has also been suggested to improve hair growth while at the same time preventing and minimizing premature hair loss.

SABON’s Tea-enriched Must-haves

Now that you know why you should add tea ingredients to your skin care regime, let’s find out more about some of our favorite products that include white and rose tea.

Our White Tea Shower Oil is the most indulgent way to transform even your super-rushed morning shower into a real sensory experience. Fragranced with delicate jasmine and enriched with pure olive, jojoba, avocado, and wheat germ oils, this shower oil cleanses the skin and leaves it silky, nourished, and rejuvenated.

Are you looking to take skin hydration to the next level? Our Rose Tea Body Care Kit is perfect for that. Packaged in a beautiful, elegant pouch, you will find four of our best-selling Rose Tea heroes – SABON Rose Tea Shower Oil, SABON Rose Tea Body Lotion, SABON Rose Tea Hand Cream, and SABON Rose Tea Foot Cream.

Anyone longing for the ultimate way to pamper the skin will fall in love with SABON Body Gelee. Enriched with rose tea, this ultra-moisturizing lotion locks in hydration while soothing the senses thanks to its gentle, calming rose scent.

Finally, how could we leave out our rose tea soap? SABON’s Hand Soap is a delicate, subtly-scented liquid soap that thoroughly cleanses your hands while taking care of them at the same time. Enjoy baby-soft, floral-fragranced, and intensely hydrated hands after every wash.

Treat Your Skin to the Glorious Powers of Tea

Don’t just drink your tea – use it in your skincare routine, too!

Browse the extensive range of tea-enriched skin care products from SABON, and marvel at the amazing effects of white and rose tea on your skin. 

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