Spring Skin & Body Care

Look outside your window. Can you notice how everything is slowly, gently coming back to life after a winter retreat? With the colder months on their way out and warmer, sunnier days on the horizon, we are naturally drawn to practicing self-care rituals that make us feel renewed and reinvigorated.

Spring is also the perfect time to refresh your skincare routine, just like you would do with your closet! Are you unsure where to start and which products to include in your daily regime for the next few months? Our guide right here has got you covered.

Step 1: Cleanse

The first step in your dry skin care plan is cleansing your skin. In winter, you might have been using an oil-based cleanser, which helps take care of dry winter skin.

Now that the temperatures are rising, though, you’ll want to opt for something a bit lighter; to cleanse your skin without causing breakouts. Our new Fresh Foamy Wash, for example, is a fantastic choice to keep your skin purified and cleansed in the warmer, balmier months.

This airy formula is simultaneously as light as a cloud, while still offering a deep and effective cleanse that doesn’t dry out your skin. Vegan, 99% natural, and free from sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, and silicone, this face wash is infused with hydrating Rose of Jericho and calming Rose Water and is gentle enough to be used twice daily.

In the morning and evening, simply wet your face with lukewarm water, and massage a couple of pumps of foam over your face, keeping your eyes closed. Finish off by completely rinsing off any residue and gently patting your face dry with a clean towel.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Regular exfoliation is essential when it comes to improving the appearance and health of your skin. Many people tend to take a step back from it during winter, however, over concerns of dry and irritated skin.

Now that a new season is rolling around, it’s finally time to reintroduce exfoliation as the second step in your spring skincare routine. Achieve brighter, rejuvenated, and refreshed skin with SABON’s Renewal Face Polisher.

Free from parabens and other chemicals, this face scrub is enriched with the soothing, refreshing goodness of Dead Sea minerals. It delicately removes dead skin cells to reveal a radiant, soft complexion.

Remember, though, that your body will need deep exfoliation, too. Try SABON’s signature Patchouli Lavender Vanilla Body Scrub, and enjoy skin that looks and feels smoother, younger, and firmer, while reviving your senses with our unmistakable blend of earthy, sensual fragrances.

Friendly tip: it’s important to cleanse before you exfoliate so that the skin is cleaned of all make-up, dirt, and sweat that builds up over the day. That way, your exfoliation practice can achieve the desired result; removing dead skill cells from the skin’s surface.

Step 3: Hydrate

You may have found your winter skin particularly thirsty — craving deeply rich, indulgent moisturizers morning and evening. That’s because winter skin can dry out very easily and it needs to be nourished and replenished with emollients and occlusives that curb water loss.

Spring is no time to stop hydrating the skin, you simply need a different approach that better fits the season. This time of year, opt for a lighter, non-sticky moisturizing cream — one that offers you the right balance of hydration and protection.

The SABON Repair Body Cream in Ginger Orange is one of our favorites. A lightweight, balanced blend of Shea Butter, Rose of Jericho, and Canola Oil, this lotion can be applied straight out of your bath or shower on wet skin, once or twice a day.

Let this soothing formulation work its magic on your skin, while its fresh and invigorating scents transport you to a place where it’s vacation time every day.

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine with SABON 

If you were wondering how to take care of your skin in spring, we hope that our guide right here has helped.

Remember that every good skincare routine includes three, essential steps: cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Spring is the perfect season to revamp your skincare regime by incorporating products that are more suitable for addressing post-winter skin problems.

Visit our website and shop our collection of newly-landed products for spring skincare here.

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