SABON Hair Care Guide

Curly, straight, wavy. Long, medium, short. All the colors of the rainbow, and more – whatever your hair type, and whatever your concern, SABON is here to help you build a hair care routine that works for you.

Read on to discover why you should have a hair care routine in the first place, and what some of the must-have products are for luscious locks.

Hair Care: The Benefits of Looking After Your Locks

You probably have a skincare routine in place, and the chances are that you follow it religiously. So, why not do the same for your hair?

Your beautiful locks need the same love and care that you afford your skin. We often overlook the benefits of having a consistent, considered hair care routine, but these can be transformative. What if we told you, that by upping your hair-care game, you could:

  • Reduce split ends and hair damage
  • Prevent or minimize hair loss
  • Promote hair and scalp health
  • Prolong the vibrancy of dyed, colored, or highlighted hair

So, how can you create the perfect hair care routine, and which products do you need?

Step 1: Beauty Oils

You might think that your first step in building a hair care routine is choosing a shampoo. The truth is, the most effective hair care regimes begin with a hair beauty oil. Due to the moisturizing and protective properties that oils possess, it is essential for softening and nourishing the hair and scalp.

At SABON, our Musk Beauty Oil is an incredibly lightweight and illuminating oil for both your hair and your skin. Enriched with Vitamin E and fragranced with hints of rose, jasmine, bergamot, musk, and amber, this vegan oil can be used once or twice a week as a hair oil treatment.

Simply leave on your ends for around ten minutes before shampooing, paying attention to avoiding the scalp area.

Step 2: Shampoo

Next, you can proceed with your shampoo. SABON’s Essential Shampoo helps you cleanse your hair thanks to its gentle combination of three natural oils – Marula, Abyssinian, and Camellia.

Your mane will be left smooth, shiny, and intensely hydrated – ready for the next step in your hair care routine.

Step 3: Scalp Care

Often overlooked in a hair care regime, is the scalp. Looking after your scalp is essential. By incorporating a scalp scrub, you can eliminate dead skin cells, toxins, and impurities, restoring your scalp to its natural health. 

Maintaining a healthy scalp is easy, with SABON’s Ultimate Scalp Scrub. Enriched with three botanical oils – Marula, Abyssinian, and Camellia – this luxurious formula helps you keep your scalp cleansed and deeply nourished at the same time.

Step 4: Hair Serums and Masks

We’re oiled, cleaned, and scrubbed, next up? A treat. Think of just how great you feel as you relax with a face mask… Why should your hair be any different? SABON has formulated two gorgeous serums and masks that are suitable for all hair types.

Our Hair Serum is enriched with a potent blend of Marula, Abyssinian, and Camellia to nourish your hair, minimize breakage, and reduce frizz.

Our Sublime 3-In-1 Hair Mask is designed to help you achieve intense nourishment and maximum damage repair thanks to a combination of our organic oil trio and naturally moisturizing hero Shea Butter. Simply apply this mask as a conditioner after shampooing, as a rinse-off hair mask for deeper moisture, or as a leave-on mask if you are looking to repair your split ends.

Step 5: Hair Milks

Did you think that a hair mask or conditioner was going to be the last step in your hair care routine? At SABON, we have gone one step further and crafted a range of hair milks that are the ultimate decadent treat for your locks.

Our Overnight Hair Milk is infused with organic Jojoba oil and fragranced with delicate Jasmine or energizing Green Rose, which gently soothes your senses as you drift off to sleep. The essential nutrients that enhance this formula help you to repair and restore your hair fibers, making them up to 30 times more resistant to breakage.

Apply it just before going to bed at night, and wake up to velvety, glossy, and much more manageable hair that is gorgeous to look at and super easy to style. Try using it in between washes for an overnight boost.

Build Your Hair Care Routine with Sabon

Creating – and following – a weekly hair care routine is essential if you want to protect the health, glow, and volume of your mane.

Don’t leave it to your hairdresser, take control of your own regime and achieve picture-perfect hair, at every wash.