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Fresh, energizing, aromatic: who doesn’t love mint? But if you think that this herb is only a great addition to your dishes ( or to that Friday night Mojito) then think again. 

Mint is a wonderful ingredient in skincare, too, and it is said to have lots of incredible properties that help your skin look and feel great.
Summer, in particular, is the perfect time of the year to discover all the benefits and uses of mint in skincare.

The Benefits of Mint in Beauty

Mint contains a substance called menthol, as well as other powerful nutrients that make it a great addition to your skincare regime, especially during the hot, humid summer season. 

Let’s discover some of the most incredible benefits of mint for skin in our next section.

Hydrating Properties

Mint can help tighten your pores, which in turn enables you to retain more moisture and therefore hydrate your skin in a natural, yet very effective, way.

Brightening Properties

As you might imagine, mint is very refreshing, which also makes it ideal when it comes to soothing red or irritated skin. 

Antioxidant Properties

Do you have dark circles? If so, you might want to try a mint-based product to minimize them. Mint, in fact, is packed with antioxidants, which gently but effectively eliminate the free radicals in the skin under your eyes, for a younger and healthier glow.

Antibacterial Properties

Together with menthol, mint also contains salicylic acid. 

This is a powerful antibacterial ingredient, which can help you to prevent, treat, and minimize acne and keep your pores clean and unclogged.

Soothing Properties

Mint is also a strong, totally natural anti-inflammatory. You can use mint-based products to treat and soothe irritated skin, for example after an insect bite.

Introducing: The Minty Spark Collection by Sabon

Knowing all the amazing features and benefits of mint could only mean one thing, for Sabon: the desire to create a mint-focused collection, rich in mint-enhanced products that can allow you to reap all the advantages of mint in skincare.

And that’s how our Minty Spark Collection was born. Each of the products in this range is infused with Aqua Mint Extract, an exciting new botanical ingredient that has wonderful properties when it comes to soothing and hydrating the skin.

The crisp, invigorating, natural fragrance of mint invites you to feel energized and refreshed while taking great care of your skin at the same time.

Product Guide 

Let us introduce to you the stars of the show: our Cooling Shower Oil, our Body Scrub, and our Body Geleé.

Start your icy journey by gently removing dead skin cells with our Body Scrub. This new formula is enriched with Aqua Mint extract, which gives you that cool, fragrant sensation that you are craving in the hot summer months.

Continue your ritual by transforming your daily shower into the coolest, most energizing sensory experience of your life, with our new Cooling Shower Oil. This features a blend of four of our favorite botanical oils – olive, avocado, jojoba, and wheat germ – enhanced with the addition of extra-cooling Aqua Mint extract.

Finish up with our Body Geleé. Our signature and much-love, lightweight moisturizer is now infused with Aqua Mint extract, giving your skin a vibrant sensation of freshness and energy. Quench your thirsty dry skin while hydrating deeply and treating your senses to a rush of fragrant aromas.

Get Ready for a Fresh, Energized Summer, with Sabon 

Few things are as fresh, cool, and invigorating as mint. Adding mint-enriched skincare products to your daily rituals is a perfect choice, especially for those boiling summer months.

At Sabon, we have developed a brand new line of skincare products, all enriched with Aqua Mint botanical extract, to deliver that extra coolness and energy rush that you need in the summer. While the stars of this new collection are the body scrub, shower oil, and body geleé, there is so much more to discover.

Explore the new Minty Spark collection now.

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