Gentle Mists

Summer is well and truly here. This season requires your skin and hair care regimes to adopt lightweight, refreshing, and deeply hydrating products — enter gentle mists. 

Not all face and hair mists are created equal. Many sprays are glorified floral waters, but there are some great mists that can help you on your way to achieving your skin and haircare goals, while also keeping you cool. Two birds, one stone. 

Let’s take a look at a closer look.

What Is a Face Mist?

Face mists are, simply, a skincare product that works by getting sprayed on your face. Whether you suffer from irritated skin, need something to brighten a dull complexion, or just want to feel a little more zen, there's a face mist for you.

They are usually available in small, compact-sized bottles which makes it easy to carry around and use on the go.

In the beauty world, you can also come across hair and hand mists, which work in the same way but are used for different parts of the body. 

Benefits of Face Mists

Using face mists regularly can have a very positive impact on how your skin looks and feels. 

Read on to discover the three most remarkable benefits of these magical little spritzes.

Improving Skin Health

Think about face mists as a sprayable serum. Just like a cream, gel, or liquid serum, a spray mist helps improve the appearance and health of your skin. From calming irritated skin to working as antioxidant and antiaging products, face mists are a tiny but mighty powerhouse of exceptional ingredients and nutrients for your skin.

Refreshing on the Go

Imagine being out and about on a hot, sticky summer day. Your makeup is melting, you are perspiring, and your head is spinning. Things can take a much better turn if you keep a bottle of face mist in your bag. 

Simply pull it out, spritz it all over your face, and enjoy the cool, refreshing effect on your summer skin.

Giving You a Boost in the Morning

Do you find it hard to get up and out of bed in the morning? 

Forget jumping in the shower for a cold wash: use a face mist instead. With a face mist, you can receive an instant energy boost that wakes you up while at the same time hydrating and protecting your skin. A true win-win.

How to Use Refreshing Mists

Now that you know why you should be adding a face mist to your summer skincare routine, you might want to learn how to best use these little skin helpers. 

It’s much simpler than you think. 

First of all, select the best face mist for your specific skin type and requirements. Then, open the bottle, close your eyes and spritz it a couple of times on your face, from a distance of about 12 inches from your skin. You can do this both before and after applying makeup, and repeat the process as many times a day as you feel like.

Botanical Waters

Face mists are often also called botanical waters. 

Our Sabon Botanical Water, for example, is a great way to help you refresh your skin and makeup throughout the day, as many times as you wish. With natural ingredients and indulgent fragrances, this water is suitable for all skin types — including very sensitive ones.

Hand Mists

Mists are not just for the face. 

Opt for a refreshing hand mist that not only helps your hands feel softer and cooler but also sanitizes them. Our green rose refresh mist contains aloe vera extract, to hydrate the moisturize the skin. This is a completely vegan, natural formula, free from nasties such as parabens, silicone, and mineral oils.

Hair Mists

Summer hair also needs some extra care. Nothing works better than a hair mist, which is why we formulated this glorious new hair mist: Tokyo Celebration. This brand new product features the limited-edition Clear Dream fragrance, a light and airy combination of lemon and jasmine with amber and musk, for a totally dreamy effect.

This hair mist doesn’t just keep your hair feeling clean or smelling beautiful —it also helps protect it from environmental stressors, dryness, and frizz, which can cause breakages and split ends. 

Refresh, Hydrate, Enhance: Discover the Use and Benefits of Gentle Mists

To make the most of the hot summer months, don’t forget to incorporate hair and face mists into your daily skin and hair care routines. These mists help you keep both your skin and hair hydrated, protected, and refreshed.

Bonus point: they also come in small sizes, which makes them perfect to pop in your bag and carry around, for on-the-go application throughout the day.

Browse our collection of face, hand, and hair mists and grab yours today for a refreshing, invigorating summer season.

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